The kitchen sink is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used objects in the house, which is second to the cooking gas or the stove depending on the person's choice of cooking source. It is a common experience to have the kitchen sink experience some clogging issues due to the incessant use of the object. The clogging usually happens as a result of excessive accumulation of dirt and materials from the cooking which accumulates in the sinkholes when we do the dishes or wash some food before cooking it.


Thus, it is a normal thing to call on the plumber anytime we experience such an issue. However, the issue of the clogging is not really a serious issue as there are things one can subsequently do by himself to get rid of the clogging before it becomes a kitchen epidemic which would then require the full assistance of a kitchen plumber. Before one engages the services of a kitchen sink repairer, if the person is really determined on repairing the damage that would have caused the clogging, then this article is for you.


The first thing to do when you experience such a problem before dialing the nearest engineer close to you and spending top dollars on a five minutes issue, you need to first check the kitchen sink drainage for things in the strainer, the rubber gasket, the metal washer and even in the big secure lock nut that might need to be undone, this should only be done if the clogging is weighty with dirt. Then the next thing to do is to place a bucket under the trough pipes to catch the leaking water which might come off during the operation.


  1. After this is done, then you should make a thorough examination of the trough basket, the trough basket acts as a filter carrier which is attached to the hole of the basin sink, the reason for this is to determine if the sink fragments are constrained to permit the flow of water to move through it.


    The reason for the leaking can sometimes be hard to actually determine and sometimes, there is a need to conduct a test to ascertain the leaks on the sealed part of the sink, this test is used to determine when the water is channeled. When the water is channeled through the pipes, the water takes the form of the pipe's shape and this can be a determinant to know if water is flowing graciously through the pipes.

    The other ways in which the leaks can be checked on and know the depth of how clogged the sink is to check on the connection pipes and see if it is installed in the proper pattern. After confirming the status of this, the next thing is to check on the pipes and the seal of the sink to ascertain that the connections are safety tightened.


    Also, there is a need to check on the washer to see if it is spoilt as well. In order to detach or remove the drain pipe, you must use a wrench as it makes it easier for one to remove the channel pipe from the drainage basket and this would even assist in making the lock come off easy as well as the washer of the drain pipe.  


    After the wrench have been employed and used to release the lock, then it can then be removed with the bare hands after the parts have been unloosed and then a thorough inspection can then be made on the pipes. In a case of where snaps or cracks are discovered, then the next thing to be done is to replace the parts which have been cracked.


    After this has been done then you should check on the parts which can be found underneath the kitchen sink basket. It should be noted that disassembling of the drainage should only be engaged in when you wish to check or inspect the kitchen sink's component.  


After you have applied the sealants then the next thing is to permit the sealants to get dry for a period of two to three days to make sure that the links are properly put in place.

Then after the days are passed then you should check if the leaks have been properly closed by putting on the water system.

In a case of where the leaks are still experienced then all you need to do is to apply more sealants and if it still persists then you should call on the services of plumbingforce to assist with the issue at hand.

There are a lot of hindrances which people normally have as a first impulse before they actually try to fix the kitchen sink. For some people, it is the disgust of having to get rid of long stored particles of food stuck in the sinkhole and this sometimes is true because when the kitchen sink is clogged getting it open or to function effectively would require that you get your hands dirty and the truth is that if I were a woman with perfectly manicured fingernails I wouldn't give much thought about getting my perfectly manicured nails dirty by sticking my hands into the sinkhole to get rid of long accumulated dirt.

In order to do this, the first thing to do is to take off the strainer which is a fragment of the kitchen sink carrier, this can be done with the help of a plier and after this is done the next thing is to remove the drain carrier and put sealants under the drainage basket. Then you should apply a waterproof cannon sealants to the upper side of the water sink and then you should smoothen the sealants which you have placed and then let it cool off to harden until it becomes exceedingly dry. After this is done then reassemble the fragments of the drainage basket and then apply sealants to safety tense the fragments that were installed. The screws and the washers that are a segment of the connections should be tensed up as well.

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